Thursday, October 4, 2007

Welcome And Enjoy The Ride!!

Hi Everyone.....
Based on some drunken ramblings I have had with some of my drinking buddies, I decided to post a blog on my wine experiences: Drinking, Tasting, Buying, Visiting And Soon Entering The Wine Industry With The Winebar Named: OENOPHOBIA, of course!

I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the greatest people who craft great wines, here in the states and beyond. These winemakers and their families and key employees make the wine travel experience a fantastic trip for wine lovers of any experience level. They take their time to make you feel at home, while introducing you to their life's work. The wines of these special people will frequently be a topic of this Blog. If you are planning travel to California Wine Country, let me know and I will help suggest some things to make the trip great.

Use the Blog to help pick out wines at your favorite retail shops or online sellers. I hope to post weekly so I can recap any tastings I have had, my additions to my personal wine cellar and wines I hope to profile, different ways for you to buy wines you'll love and and more importantly to you, I hope to provide information to help you overcome your own personal OENOPHOBIA: A Fear Of Wine!

Much Thanks to the Flannagan Brothers (Kevin & Sean) for their ongoing direction and guidance to help me develop my palate, try wines from around the world and expose me to the people and the inside of the wine industry. Kevin & Sean can usually be found somewhere within the Friendly Confines of The Buy-Rite Liquor Store on Asbury Ave. in the Tinton Falls Plaza in Tinton Falls.

So without further ado, buckle up, strap in and enjoy my own personal journey (and hopefully yours) into the world of wine......


ifm said...

I really love this blog. I can't wait to get your next series of selections. This is great for novice winelovers like me or conosuers. I particularly like the selections from Napa and the other wineries along with the prices. I'm glad that I am the first person to post a comment.
Your father-in-law

Richard J. Michelli said...

Terrific blog Paul! Great info and really looking forward to your insights, recommendations and knowledge. Salute!